Summer Salad with Feta

SUMMER! Finally the garden’s bounty is starting to ripen – the most rewarding time of the year. With so many veggies waiting to be eaten this recipe lets you chop and throw it all together to make a most delicious salad. Summer Salad with Feta has just the right amount of crunch with creamy feta cheese and then the salt of the olives. That just means a bowl of YUM! The yellow and orange peppers are a perfect match for the sweet fresh cucumber and grape tomatoes.

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Stuffed Tomatoes

If you garden is anything like mine it is overflowing with tomatoes this time of the year. Once you have had your fill of toasted tomato sandwiches and salads try these stuffed tomatoes for something a little different.  Very similar to stuffed peppers but they use up all of those flavour bombs growing in your garden. If you don’t have a garden then this time of year you can find beautiful field tomatoes at your local supermarket. With all of the other fresh vegetables in season you can add what ever strikes your fancy.  For this version I used only veggies and rice, but you could add ground beef or pork or even sausage to the stuffing.

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