Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

Lately I have had a bit of an obsession with Browned Butter so I have been experimenting with substituting it in some of my favourite recipes. This cookie recipe for Brown Butter Pecan Cookies turned out divine if I do say so myself. The spices the butter is simmered in lend a dept of flavour to the dough plus the crunch of the pecans and toffee bits combines to make a really good cookie.

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies are the perfect cookie treat for the chocolate lover for Valentines Day. These chocolate cookies are like a brownie in cookie form- very chocolaty. Did I already mention they were very chocolaty? They also make a great cookie for making cut-out cookies as the dough firms up nicely once cooled and keeps it’s shape once baked.

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Decadent Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies are definitely up there on the favourite list for me. I love the texture and the satisfying feeling of biting into an oatmeal cookie.Whether they are crunchy or soft I appreciate a good oatmeal cookie.  These Decadent Oatmeal Cookies hit all of those targets and way beyond – they have chocolate and toffee bits hidden inside! Plus the smell of freshly baked cookies, there really isn’t much better than that smell. That is why they make candles that smell like that, but then you can’t eat them can you? Much better off with actually making the cookies then you can enjoy both the taste and the smell.


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Spiced Brown Butter Shortbread

This week I discovered Spiced Brown Butter in a recipe for  Brown Butter Spice Cake in the December 2016 edition of Food & Drink magazine. I made the cake for dinner with friends and it was a hit and since then (7 days ago) I have browned and spiced 2 pounds of butter! The aroma of this browned butter is incredible- so incredible that I think it would make an amazing scent for a candle. If you want to make your house smell Christmassy just put a pan of this butter on to simmer. Spiced Brown Butter could be used in any recipe as a replacement for regular butter that also calls for similar spices. One of the my co-workers thought it would also be yummy as a spread for fresh muffins or on pancakes…the ideas are endless.

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Ginger Cookies

The perfect Ginger Cookie has a crisp exterior with a soft spicy interior – at least that would be my description of the perfect ginger cookie.  This recipe I think hit’s it pretty close to home.  With a cup of hot tea, preferably a pumpkin spice tea, it is the perfect afternoon snack or bedtime treat. Ginger Cookies have always been a favourite and not just for cooler weather either, they are a great cookie to bake year round. The heat of the ginger and cinnamon entices us to bake with them more once the winds of winter start to blow. Speaking of wind, the north wind has been howling today which is why I probably had the craving for Ginger Cookies.


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Soft Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

My daughter was home from Law School for our Thanksgiving long weekend and she requested a Soft Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Now that is a recipe that was not in my repertoire so some google searching  was in order. The first one that caught my attention was on Pinch Of Yum and I used her recipe for soft cookies as my base. I made mine without using any appliances as I thought that the softer touch would be key to keeping the texture chewy. A soft chewy cookie is a difficult beast to master without having to add bad things like corn syrup or shortening to your recipe, but I think this one nails it just right. I think it is the mixing by hand and just slightly underbaking the cookies that are the important points.

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Cookie Decorating Friday Night

What would you expect 6 – 24 year old girls to be doing on a Friday night?  Decorating Sugar Cookies probably wasn’t the first thing that popped into your mind. But here we are with my daughter Elizabeth and 5 of her girl friends enjoying their Friday night decorating cookies, drinking wine and eating nachos and dip.  I think I learned a lot tonight from the wide variety of subjects they covered- amazing group of young ladies!


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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (gluten-free)

Well this recipe is another foray into the gluten-free recipe world. I always feel terrible when I bring treats into work and not everyone can enjoy them so I am trying to incorporate some really great gluten-free recipes into my repertoire and according to the reviews this one is a keeper. Of course it could be that the main ingredient is peanut butter so really how could you go wrong with a recipe that is mainly peanut butter?

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My children have grown up eating Genetti made by their paternal grandmother Doris from a recipe she learned from her mother-in-law Nicoletta. The only difference is that in this Italian family Genetti were called Ninna Nonna. For the last 30 years I never knew that the fluffy little cookies with a vanilla glaze really were derived from this Italian traditional cookie- Genetti. Where the term “Ninna Nonna” came from I don’t think we will ever know- but in our house they will always be known as Ninna Nonna. Now the other fact is that mine don’t taste quite that same as Grandma Doris’s, but as she past away this winter this rendition is all the family has left.

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Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

Well March is finally here, unfortunately the snow is too and it is still falling! When will spring come??? At least we have a fun little day to celebrate early in March – St. Patrick’s Day so I thought I would start working on some green inspired delights. These Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies are a delectable little bite of a cookie rolled in bits of green pistachio – like little green St.Patrick’s Day decorations. The cookie base has very few ingredients so doesn’t take much time to whip it together.

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