Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies are the perfect cookie treat for the chocolate lover for Valentines Day.┬áThese chocolate cookies are like a brownie in cookie form- very chocolaty. Did I already mention they were very chocolaty? They also make a great cookie for making cut-out cookies as the dough firms up nicely once cooled and keeps it’s shape once baked.

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Decadent Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies are definitely up there on the favourite list for me. I love the texture and the satisfying feeling of biting into an oatmeal cookie.Whether they are crunchy or soft I appreciate a good oatmeal cookie. ┬áThese Decadent Oatmeal Cookies hit all of those targets and way beyond – they have chocolate and toffee bits hidden inside! Plus the smell of freshly baked cookies, there really isn’t much better than that smell. That is why they make candles that smell like that, but then you can’t eat them can you? Much better off with actually making the cookies then you can enjoy both the taste and the smell.


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