Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

These Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting are tasty, moist and perfect for any celebration. Every baking repertoire needs to have a good vanilla cupcake recipe in it because not everyone (including me) loves chocolate. A vanilla cupcake is the perfect base for any type of frosting. I made these for my niece’s baby shower and as she knows it is a girl I went with the pink theme. To make the frosting pink I used the sauce from my Roasted Strawberries. It made the frosting delicious and just the right shade of pink. If you don’t have any Roasted Strawberries handy a tablespoon of strawberry jam will do the trick or just mash up some fresh strawberries with a little sugar.  It doesn’t take much to give that pretty pink hue and great flavour.

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Maple Frosted Apple Slab Cake

One more maple flavoured recipe if you don’t mind…I just love all things maple. Maple Frosted Apple Slab cake is full of cinnamon, ginger, apple and topped with a fudgey maple frosting. The perfect combination for a dessert, or snack, or meal – you choose. There is a lot of fresh apple in this recipe so I think it really should be in the snack category. One can’t have too many apple recipes.

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Roasted Strawberries

Even though Spring is supposedly coming it sure is hard to believe when there is still a foot of snow on the ground outside. I have been craving fresh berries and the only ones available are California grown- but a craving is a craving so I caved and bought them. But disappointment soon followed – every one of those berries that looked so beautiful red and juicy were spongy white in the middle. What’s a girl to do with a container full of disappointment? She takes them and pops them in the oven and voila – Roasted Strawberries. What a transformation!  From tasteless to sweet and juicy in just 20 minutes. Then take it  up a notch and add vanilla ice cream and you have a wonderful dessert or midnight snack.

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White Bread

I have been blogging about baking for more than a year now and just today I realized that I haven’t posted my every day recipe for White Bread. Yes I know White Bread isn’t very healthy but really what tastes better than fresh bread spread with butter and topped with home made jelly or jam?  Not much in my books. At least there is no preservatives or ingredients that you can’t pronounce in this loaf.  This is my go-to recipe for dinner rolls as well – it is very versatile.  This White Bread is also fantastic toasted spread with your favourite topping which in my case would be peanut butter and crabapple jelly.

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (gluten-free)

Well this recipe is another foray into the gluten-free recipe world. I always feel terrible when I bring treats into work and not everyone can enjoy them so I am trying to incorporate some really great gluten-free recipes into my repertoire and according to the reviews this one is a keeper. Of course it could be that the main ingredient is peanut butter so really how could you go wrong with a recipe that is mainly peanut butter?

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Pecan Maple Coffeecake

I love coffee cakes…they are simple and satisfying. This Pecan Maple Coffeecake has the flavour of spring – maple syrup! Maple syrup should be a food group all by itself.  I love to use it in recipes and cooking or just stirred into my coffee. If you are lucky enough to live where maple syrup is produced then you will have access to maple sugar as well.  Maple sugar costs almost as much as gold but it is a nice treat to use in baking or sprinkled on your oatmeal.

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Baked Glazed Doughnuts

So it is a snowy Saturday in April- that’s right it is still SNOWING here!!  Mother Nature has abandoned us and gone south for sure. Seeing as though it is a snowy mucky day I might as well be baking as what else is there to do besides laundry? I was in the mood for something a little sweet but not too over the top as I had already eaten too many candy coated Easter eggs last weekend. Baked Glazed Doughnuts sound like a treat that you shouldn’t have to feel the least bit guilty about…after all aren’t doughnuts supposed to be fried?  Well these confections look like doughnuts but are a little more cake-like but still have all of the satisfying taste of a fried doughnut.

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